Veterans Affairs Medical Centers

Cubicle Curtains

Cubicle Curtains

Fabricare provides cubicle curtains and cubicle tracks to VA hospitals nationwide (along with all our other products, of course). Our cubicles are very cost efficient and are easily maintained. By using large grommets, bordering the mesh on three (3) sides, and reinforcing seams and hems, our cubicles maintain their shape, size and integrity through many launderings. Additionally, we provide pin-less draperies for psychiatric and disturbed patient units.

Cubicle Tracks

Our cubicle tracks are heavy duty aluminum, do not rust or discolor, and insure a smooth draw. Cubicles for special units are installed with “pop out” carriers. Drapery tracks for special units can be installed to draw without cords thereby eliminating choking or strangulation risks.

If you don’t see the treatment in which you are interested, please contact us. We can quickly design and deliver complex, coordinated and custom treatments.

Making PL 109-461 Purchases?

We have an active teaming agreement with a Viet Nam Era Veteran owned company. Follow this link to Lou Peirano Associates.