Swags on Wall of Our Shop

An Exceptional Room

We recommend that you visit our Gallery to view photographs of some of the lovely room and window treatments we have created over our 32 years in this business. Of course we cannot show everything there, so we have included these drawings for your use as a starting point in visualizing the exceptional rooms Fabricare's experienced staff will help you create.

Bedspreads - Specifications
Bedspreads - Dust Ruffle
Bedspreads - Custom

Blinds - Mounting Options & Measuring

Cascades & Swags 1
Cascades & Swags 2
Cascades & Swags 3
Cascades & Swags 4
Cascades & Swags 5
Cascades & Swags 6
Cascades - Black & White

Cornices 1 - Color
Cornices 2 - Color
Cornices 3 - Black & White
Cornices 4 - Black & White
Cornices 5 - Black & White
Cornices 6 - Black & White


If you don’t see the treatment in which you are interested, please contact us. We can quickly design and deliver complex, coordinated and custom treatments.

We look forward to impressing you!