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Theatrical Vision

Are you out on the leading edge of theatre, innovating, pushing the boundaries of acting, directing and producing? Or do you innovate within tradition, treasuring historic and newer works, performing a more classic theatre?

Trained Theatre Design Consultant

Fabricare’s theatre design consultant has a degree in Theatre Design and Construction and hands-on experience with over 90 productions. Whatever your theatrical vision, traditional or non-traditional, we can help you realize it with motorized draperies for your large, complex arena, or non-motorized treatments for your more intimate space. Fabricare will custom design curtains, travelers, legs, drops, borders, scrims, platform skirts and valances for your stage. We can also help you create a user friendly system - determining which motor system will work best in your space, which controls you will need, and how best to integrate the drapery system with the rest of your audio-visual systems.

Our in-house installation team has extensive experience with large, complex installations.

If you don’t see the treatment in which you are interested, please contact us. We can quickly design and deliver complex, coordinated and custom treatments.