Hotels, Conference Centers

Image of Swags & Jabots

Whatever your property’s style (from historic castle to a traditional corporate learning center); size (from a few rooms to thousands); and the different types of rooms it encompasses (meetings rooms, audio visual rooms, computer labs, board rooms, dining rooms, breakout rooms, fitness facilities, and guest rooms) Fabricare can assist you in making your guests’ stays memorable, their meeting or conference a success – and your facility one they will recommend.

With over 40 years experience, Fabricare’s staff will work with you to design custom window treatments, including draperies; sheers; cornices, swags, jabots, cascades and valances; as well as appropriate hardware. We will also design and install stage draperies, with motorized or non-motorized track, wall coverings, room dividers and cushions - all guaranteed to be durable, and appropriate to their setting. Our draperies are made to custom fit each window or area. They can be manufactured to block out some or all light, reduce heat and cold, and absorb sounds. For complete information on our custom drapery construction standards, click here.

Our in-house installation team can install quickly and quietly, at your convenience.

If you don’t see the treatment in which you are interested, please contact us. We can quickly design and deliver complex, coordinated and custom treatments.